Kent and Medway Economic Partnership

What is KMEP?

The Kent and Medway Economic Partnership (KMEP) is the economic partnership for Kent and Medway which aims to drive forward economic growth and prosperity throughout the region. It was set up in 2013. KMEP is governed by a Board and chaired by the private sector, with membership drawn from business, local government, further and higher education.

KMEP will remain one of the four federated partnerships which comprised the former South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP). Both KMEP and SELEP worked on the transition of LEP responsibilities to local authorities by April 2024.

KEMP is made up of 33 members: 16 business representatives, 14 local authority leaders, 1 representative from higher education and 1 representative from further education. The board has sought to ensure that there is a balanced representation of businesses and local authorities, reflecting Kent and Medway’s geography and the diversity of its business base.

The role of the KMEP can be summarised as being to:-

  • Approve, drive forward and monitor a strategic economic plan for Kent and Medway;
  • Consider strategic economic investment priorities through various investment funds and other public funding sources that may become available;
  • Determine and monitor the use of all funding devolved from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership to Kent and Medway;
  • Act as the commissioning body for funded projects and programmes in Kent and Medway;
  • Consider and develop responses to new economic opportunities and challenges in Kent and Medway;
  • Ensure a strong voice for Kent and Medway business and government at national and regional level.