Our Governance & Policies


KMEP Board Members are bound by the following policies:

KMEP’s Terms of Reference can be viewed by clicking this link. 

Confidential Reporting of Complaints

KMEP has made all attempts to ensure that it operates in a fully transparent and engaging way, with its business partners, press and members of the public. However, if a member of the public wishes to complain about a particular function of KMEP, this can be done in writing to the KMEP Secretariat c/o County Hall, Maidstone, ME14 1XQ.

The Board Members and KMEP Secretariat also agree to abide by the Confidential Reporting of Complaints Policy, which can be downloaded by clicking this link

The Confidential Reporting of Complaints Policy includes:

  • A confidential means for third parties or the public to contact the LEP, for example a secure website or secure form on the LEP website.
  • An outline of how third parties and the public can raise confidential allegations and concerns
  • An outline of how the LEP will investigate and respond to confidential complaints, including reassurance that confidentiality will be maintained.
  • Detail of how the LEP will respond to anonymous allegations should be included.
  • The Policy also outlines the information that complainants should provide when making a complaint.
  • An outline of each of the stages of the complaints process with indicative timescales for each.