Strategic Economic Plan

Strategic Economic Plan

The Kent & Medway Economic Framework has been developed and will be published by early 2024.

Developing our ambitions and key action areas involved extensive consultation with businesses and other partners, including through Kent and Medway Economic Partnership and its Business Advisory Board.

However, we live in an uncertain and dynamic world, and even plans with strong partner support will need to respond to events. The Framework is therefore a flexible statement of shared priorities, not a detailed action plan. It will evolve over time, as new opportunities and challenges emerge, and delivery will take place through a range of partners.

Three overarching Objectives: supporting the development of an economy that is more “productive, sustainable and inclusive”. These are essentially statements of general desirable outcomes: they are not unique to Kent and Medway, but set out a direction of travel.

Five Ambitions: key themes, within which we have set out a series of ‘areas for action’ at county-wide level over the medium term.

Introducing the five Ambitions

To help deliver our three Objectives, there are some key themes on which action should be focused over the next few years. We have called these the five ‘Ambitions’, and they seek to:

  1. Enable innovative, productive and creative businesses
  2. Widen opportunities and unlock talent
  3. Secure resilient infrastructure for planned, sustainable growth
  4. Place economic opportunity at the centre of community wellbeing and prosperity
  5. Create diverse, distinctive and vibrant places
Framework logic sequence